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The legal bit!
This website is produced as part of my hobby, and therefore deemed
solely under German law as a private site, hence no banner adverts.
The site is offered 'As is', and maybe rendered as 'Not finished' therefore
availability is not guaranteed. My site uses no harmful code and all pictures
are 'Virus scanned'. All material is owned by Michael Page. Please use
the data within this site with respect.


I hope you find my website informative and enjoyable. If you do find anything you would want altering, or faults with the web site, then please send me a mail. I have written the site using a lot of Javascript and some Java(TM), so your web-browser must be able to handle Java. You can download Java browser platform direct from the the Sun website. This does not come as part of your browser, it is a plug-in, and should be downloaded and installed. This site was written with Mozilla Firefox as browser in mind! The date and time bug has now been fixed, I hope, and should show up with your local time. The site is not finished, so I will be adding to it through the year. Thanks to you all for looking in anyway!

Design: Michael Page - 2008.
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